What is Newlife Body Contour?
Newlife has two non-surgical technologies. Low frequency Ultrasound for fat reduction and Multi-polar Radio Frequency for skin tightening.

What is an Ultrasound treatment?
Ultrasound has sound waves that vibrate and cause disruption of the fat cells resulting in fat cell breakdown and the body then processes the fat through normal Mechanisms.

What areas can be treated with Ultrasound?
Stomach, lower back, legs, buttocks, arms, love handles, upper back, hips, thighs

What is a Radio Frequency treatment?
Radio Frequency breaks down dormant collagen and stimulates new collagen and elastin to repair and regenerate tightening the skin. Great on the face or any body area.

What areas can be treated with Radio Frequency?
Almost any area on the body, face, neck

What is the down time for these procedures?
There is NO downtime. Immediately after treatment clients can return to normal activity including work.

How long is a treatment?
Depends on the area and if you are doing Ultrasound or Radio Frequency or both. Usually 45 minutes- up to 1 hour 30 minutes on each appointment.

What is the cost for a consultation?
Our consultation is completely FREE! Schedule an appointment today to discuss your goals and treatment options.

How many treatments do I need per area?
Usually six treatments per area. However each person is different.

Are the treatments safe?
We specialize in the two leading FDA technologies with state of the art machines that are effective and safe. You can have confidence in choosing Newlife for your body contouring. Ultrasound has been around for 30 years.

Do the treatments hurt?
Our treatments are completely painless. Our clients say they are comfortable and relaxing.

What about weight loss?
Although at Newlife we focus on body contouring and inch loss, as you process fat you can lose weight as well. A session can burn up to 1000 calories.

Do you offer price discounts?
Yes we do when buying a package. Ask in the consultation.

How do your prices compare?
Typical treatments like this would cost $1500-2500 per treatment. We make it affordable to do multiple areas. Your first treatment is only $99 with package pricing available in the FREE consultation.

How often can I get treatments?
Typically one or two weeks apart to give your body time to process the newly released fat. Schedule will be discussed in the consultation. Following the NEW guidelines you can speed up results and treatments.

Does this help Athletes and already fit individuals?
Yes! They are great candidates. The newly released fat can be used as energy! Everyone seems to have an area they would like help with due to genetics, child bearing, weight gain or lifestyle.

Can new moms benefit from these treatments?
Absolutely! Not only can you get rid of the accumulated fat a little quicker with Ultrasound, you can also tighten up the sagging skin with Radio Frequency that has lost its elasticity as well as improve stretch marks or scars.

How does Newlife Body Contouring compare with other Body Contour procedures?
Liposuction- Surgery, incisions, anesthesia, down time, recovery, pain, expensive
Cool Sculpting –extreme cold, painful, swelling 2000+
Laser/lazer-risk of burning, pain
Smart Lipo- incision, risk of infection, recovery