Before and After


Lori Thompson

I LOVE my results!

Date: 10/2013


Becky Austin

Definately a big change. My pants are looser and my skin is tighter.
Date: 9/2012


Jacquelyn White

What a difference!

Everyone who treated me were very professional and informative & friendly. Treatments were very relaxing.

Date: 1/2013


Kim Binks

My experience with Newlife Body Contour has been great!

The staff is friendly & they educate and help you get the best results possible in a very non-intimidating way. My pants fit and I am happy with the results I have seen!

Date: 9/2013

April Conner

The staff at Newlife is absolutely wonderful and the experience delightful. I sould highly recommend it to people who are willing to put forth some effort and don’t want an invasive procedure.

Date: 9/2012

Shar Hancock

For years, after 6 kids I have had a stomach that would not go away no matter what I did. No amount of exercise or dieting helped. I am delighted with the results. They are so professional I highly recommend Newlife.

Date: 8/2012

Karen G

It was a wonderful experience. I was thrilled with the results, especially on an area that i thought couldn’t be helped. It was also a very relaxing, restful experience.

Date: 9/2012