The results are amazing! This technology works.

Angie Larsen
Good Things Utah

Thank you Newlife! The wedding yesterday was fabulous and I loved the way I fit in my jacket that was a size too small! If you will give me a few days to ‘wind down’ I will work on getting you pictures of me in the jacket and a testimonial. The staff at New Life Body Contour was so awesome — what a great experience!

Jan Bryner

I’m 52 years old and I have never been interested in having a facelift or botox, bun when I saw Newlife body contour on Good Things Utah I decided that was a something I was interested in. I just finished 6 treatments for my face and I was so excited with the results. After only 2 treatments I went to a party and all my friends kept asking me if I had been on a vacation because they thought I looked so good! yippee! Then after 5 treatments my 30 year old son who never notices anything commented on how you I looked.

My experience was great the staff were friendly and welcoming I wouldn’t be afraid to tell my friends about them, it was a great solution to surgery.